Transport and Sale


Selling firewood:

Oak Firewood

This is a durable wood, generating heat for a long time, making it ideal for long, comfortable afternoons.

Pine Firewood

This is a perfect wood to start a fire as it burns fast, but it has a low durability

Olive, Orange and Almond Wood

As these woods last well, they are ideal for stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, barbecues and heaters in homes, bakeries, pizzerias and restaurants.



• Long-lasting
• Weatherproof
• Harmonize with all environments

Throughout history we can find many examples of the use of natural stone, such as slate, quartz, granite, sandstone, basalt, marble and many more.


all these materials have their own specific virtues. 
Natural stone is an ideal solution, and one available to everyone, for the construction in the present for future.


We also transport water: drinking water (for human consumption) and non-chlorinated water (for swimming pools, irrigation ...).
Our services are aimed at both individuals and companies.

                                                          Services we offer:

• Filling of swimming pools
• Transportation of saltwater
• water tank rental

Rental deposits are of different capacities:
- 2000 liters.
- 3000 liters.
- 5000 liters.
- 10,000 liters.

• Drinking water supply


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Disfrute de su aventura
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